What's New in ChromeTools 7.0?



  • ChromeTools 7.0 introduces a new look to reflect Securly branding. All menus and functions remain the same, with only colors and menu icons changing.

  • TechPilot Control Tower is now Securly Device Console.
  • The URL is now deviceconsole.securly.com. The old URL for, ct.techpilotlabs.com will be forwarded to the new one.

New Features

  • Scheduled Classes: All class types (manual and automatic sync) can be scheduled. When scheduling a class, the teacher can set the start time and days of the week for the class in addition to the class options normally available when starting a class manually.  When enabled by the administrator, the class schedule function can be configured on the Class details tab. Class_details.png

    Administrators can enable or disable the ability to schedule classes in System Settings. This setting can be disabled during holidays or other days when school is closed to prevent scheduled classes from starting automatically.                                  allow.png

  • Save Screen: Teachers can now save an image of a student screen for future reference from history.  The Save Screen button is available above the screen image in Device View. Save.png
    Saved screens are available in student history on the Saved Screens tab. Click on the thumbnail of the saved screen for a larger image. saved_screens.png
  • A new permission setting is available to enable/disable the chat feature for classes.


  • The table for Google Classroom Classes was too wide and was missing the customization gear.
  • The dashboard now includes only ACTIVE devices in the Chrome device count.
  • It is not possible to close an announcement on a student device if the class has already ended.
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