How to deploy Securly SmartPAC to macOS devices using Securly MDM?

To install the Securly SmartPAC solution on your macOS device using Securly MDM, use the following steps:

  1. Log into Securly MDM and click on “Network profiles”.
  2. Switch to the Mac Network Profiles tab. SmartpacTPL1.png
  3. Click "+ Add" to create a profile. SmartpacTPL6.png
  4. Enter your name and description for the profile; then, click on "Save".
  5. Click on the 'Certificates' tab.
  6. Click "+ Add" and locate where you downloaded the Securly certificate. SmartpacTPL5.png
  7. Click on "Upload" and then click on "Save". 
  8. Click on the "Global Proxy" tab under the profile you created. 
  9. Change the "Proxy" settings to "Auto".
  10. Fill in the SmartPAC URL for your school under ‘Proxy PAC URL’ and click on "Save". If you do not know the SmartPAC URL for your school, please contact support. SmartpacTPL4.png


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