Setting up Canvas link in Securly Classroom (ChromeTools)


In Canvas go to Admin > Developer Keys

Click the +Developer Key button to add a new key

Enter any key name and owner email address. For Redirect URIs enter:

Click Enforce Scopes to enable it

There are 6 scopes that need to be enabled. Expand the category for each one to find the scope and click the checkbox to enable it. 


Accounts category:


Courses category:


Sections category:


Enrollments_api category:



Verify that all six scopes are selected and click Save Key

The new entry will be displayed.

Change the state to "ON"


Copy the number above the Show Key button and paste it into Control Tower into the Consumer Key field.

Click the Show Key button, copy the value shown and paste it into Control Tower into the Consumer Secret field.

For the URL, enter the base URL of your Canvas site.  This would be the URL in the address bar after you are logged into Canvas up to the point of the first slash.  For example, if you login to Canvas and then see the URL:   in the address bar, you should use the base URL of


After entering the values, click the Link button, then authorize the link with Canvas.


After the sync completes, the Canvas classes should now be visible on a new Canvas Classes tab in Classes.  They will be available for selection in Teacher Tools in the Selection box.


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