What's New in ChromeTools 6.8?


New Features

Class Session Email Summary for Teachers
Teachers now receive an email after each class with a class summary. The summary includes class stats, activities, top websites visited by the class, and the top sites visited by each student.


Teachers can opt-out of receiving emails by changing the notification settings to "Class Session Summary" under My Account.

Top Websites for Class Session Details
Session details now include a chart showing the top websites visited during class by time and number of students. This area also shows the number of times each function was used during class. To do this, navigate to Classes > Class Session History > Class Name > Session Details.


Pin Student
Students can now be "pinned" in the thumbnail view and tab view. This will move the students to the top of the list. This helps teachers keep an eye on one or more "troublesome" students or those who might need a little extra monitoring. The pin icon appears next to the history and device view. Click the icon a second time to unpin. The system will remember pinned students for future class sessions.


Teachers can now communicate with students using a two-way chat. Chat is only available for communication between the teacher and student and must be initiated by the teacher. Student-to-student communication is not possible.


To start a new chat with a student, the teacher can simply click the chat button next to the student. When the chat window opens, the teacher can use the student list on the left to switch between chats with any student in the class.


Students will be notified of the chat via a floating glowing chat icon in their browser. Students can change the position of the icon by dragging it to any location they want.                                                  mceclip8.png

Chat History
Chat history is recorded and available for review from the 'Class Session History' area on the 'Chats' tab. Click on any student from the list to view the chat transcript.  The transcript can also be accessed by choosing a student from the class session student list.


Choose separate OUs for Device Sync and Teacher & Class Sync 
It is now possible to select two distinct OUs for syncing devices and syncing teachers & classes. This allows you to limit the number of Google Classroom class rosters that are imported based on the OU of the teachers.

To select OUs for device sync, navigate to the Setup > Google Directory Sync.


To select OUs for teachers and classes, navigate to Setup > Integrations tab > Google Classroom Sync.  When syncing Google Classroom rosters, only classes with teachers from the selected OU will be imported and synced. Teachers from this OU will be automatically imported into the School Users list and a 'classroom' tag displayed next to them. If an OU is deselected, teachers that were automatically added as a result of this import process will also be deleted.


Other Updates

  • An updated 'device view' icon is now housed under the student's name. The 'history' button is also displayed as an icon now.                 other_update.png                                 
  • The option to "enforce custom block list" when starting a class will now be enabled by default.
  • When using Push URL and Site Lock, the selection for "My Web Links Only" will be remembered between sessions.
  • The Raise the Hand button on student Chromebooks has an updated look.    raise_hand.png    
  • Importing students from Google Directory into a manually-created class is now available when clicking the ADD button to add a student to a class.  Previously it was only available from Import.
  • A new feature for "max tabs" is available when using Site Lock.  This allows you, for example, to lock students to a single site and only allow a single tab to be used.


  • Dashboard sometimes does not show the account expiration date. This has been fixed.  
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