How to deploy the Securly SmartPAC to your macOS devices via Meraki System Manager?

You can choose to deploy the Securly SmartPAC solution to your macOS device using any of the MDMs such as FileWave, TabPilot, Airwatch, etc. We support the most popular MDM solutions.

In order to deploy Securly using Meraki System Manager, you will need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Log in to Meraki and navigate to Systems Manager > MDM > Settings.
  2. Click on the '+ Add profile' button and select “Device profile (default)”. Click on “Continue”. meraki1.png
  3. Type in "Securly macOS" for the profile name.
  4. Change the Profile Removal Policy to "Require password to remove this profile" and enter a password. meraki2.png
  5. Click on ‘+ Add settings’ and select "Certificate".
  6. Name the certificate ‘Securly’.
  7. Click "Choose a file" and browse to see where the certificate was downloaded to your workstation. Click on "Save". (You can download the certificate attachment at the end of this article.) meraki5.png
  8. Click on "+ Add settings" and select "Wi-Fi Settings".
  9. Change ‘Proxy setup’ to ‘Automatic’.
  10. Type in the SmartPAC URL that was provided to you with support or your Sales Engineer. When adding the SmartPAC URL, Meraki MDM will require that you enter an SSID to save the Proxy URL. This doesn't have to be a real SSID, it can just be a dummy/fake SSID, this is just to make the Mac device take the Proxy settings for all wifi connections.meraki3.png
  11. Click on "+ Add settings" and select  "macOS System Preferences".
  12. Uncheck the box next to "Network" and "Profiles". This will prevent users from removing the proxy configuration and profile. meraki4.png
  13. Click on "Save".
  14. Click on "Save" again to complete the process.


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