How do I change the notification email ID for Filter alerts?


Filter by Securly sends email alert notifications to school admins to inform them about grief, self-harm, bullying, violence, and other blocked activities detected for their students. Sometimes, it can be cumbersome to manage these alerts and act upon them efficiently. Or there could be other reasons why a particular email ID needs to stop receiving these alerts. Securly, therefore, allows admins to change the email ID that receives Filter alert emails.

To do this:

  1. Log in to your Securly portal and navigate to the "Accounts" page, then click on "Account settings". Nucleus UI view
  1. Under the "Auditor Email Alerts" tab, enter your email ID.
  2. Click on "Update".                                                                                                                          Nucleus UI view
    update.pngOlder UI viewfilterswitchoff.jpg

You can also completely turn off the Filter alert emails by toggling the On/Off switch next to the field. Note that you will stop receiving any flagged or blocked activity alerts if you switch it off. The activities will only be logged in the Flagged and Reports tab.  

You can similarly change your email ID to receive Auditor notifications. To learn more, click here.

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