How do I test Securly for a few iPads?

Before you undertake a full deployment of Securly’s filtering solution, it is recommended that you test it on a few machines. This will allow you to understand how Securly’s filtering works and customize policies before pushing it out to all users.

To test Securly on iPads:

  1. Install the Securly certificate and trust it on your Mac. Check out this KB for how to install the certificate.
  2. Then go ahead and change the DNS server IPs.
  3. You can now visit different websites to verify if filtering is working. We recommend visiting ‘’, ‘’, and Google search for proxy.
  4. Log in to your Securly portal and navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab. A log of your activities will be listed there. To learn more about the Reports tab, click here.
  5. Once you are done testing make sure to remove the DNS IP and certificate to end the testing process completely.

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