How to enroll Chromebooks into the school policy?

Enrolling your Chromebook device under your school policy is necessary when pushing Device Settings down to the Chromebook device. Device Settings can include important pieces such as Guest Mode access or Sign-in Restrictions. You must set it up to re-enroll in school policy, even when the devices are reset either by admins or by students attempting to bypass filtering. This will ensure that the Securly Chrome extension is always on your student's device and that filtering is unhindered.  

Enroll your Chromebooks under the school policy and ensure that the device is enrolled in the enterprise policy. To do this:

  1. Log in to your Google Workspace account at
  2. Navigate to Devices > Chrome > Settings 
  3. Select "Allow users in the organization to enroll new or re-enroll existing devices" from the dropdown for the "Enrollment permissions" field. Gsuitenew1.jpg

Note that this should be done for OUs whose devices need to be managed by Google Workspace.

Now, when your Chromebooks first arrive, your students can log in with their admin console-created credentials. This will automatically enroll the Chromebooks into the enterprise policy for the school – without the admins needing to log in to each of these devices individually.

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