How to implement sign-in restrictions for Chromebooks?

You may want to restrict users from logging in using their personal Gmail IDs on school-owned Chromebooks. Personal Gmail IDs can lead to evasion of filtering and auditing of the Chromebook.

Restricted login:

  1. Log in to your G Suite account at
  2. Navigates to Devices > Chrome > Settings 
  3. Scroll down to Sign-in Settings > Restrict sign-in to pattern
  4. In the text box enter the domain you want to allow sign-ins from. For example, * will restrict logins to only and prevent users from signing in using their Gmail IDs.  Gsuitenew3.jpg

Make sure that you do not restrict access to  to allow teachers to switch between accounts and use the temporary allow sites feature seamlessly.

Securly also allows you to customize access to your personal Gmail on school devices. Click here to learn how.  

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