What's New in ChromeTools 6.74

ChromeTools 6.74

Today we released SchoolMDM 6.74

Canvas Integration

We now support integration with Canvas LMS for class rosters.  
The integration can be configured on the new Integrations tab in Settings (below).


 A new tab in settings is used for configuring all LMS roster integrations.

  • You can now disable Google Classroom from syncing if you use a different LMS.  This will prevent it from showing in the Classes area and in Teacher Tools
  • Schoology Integration now appears on this tab instead of a separate Schoology tab
  • The new Canvas integration is found here

User Login History

User login history for Control Tower users is now recorded and available for viewing on a new tab next to User details.

Announcement Logging

Logging for teacher messages sent to student devices with the Announce feature is now available.

The history is available on a new Announcements tab in the Class session history area. The number of announcements sent during a class and a link to the Announcements tab is available on the Session details tab.

Hyperlinks in student browsing history

When viewing student browsing history, sites are now hyperlinks

Other changes:

  • Device view buttons moved to the top
  • Improvements have been made behind the scenes to allow classes to function more smoothly when co-teachers are managing the same class simultaneously in ChromeTools.
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