What's New in ChromeTools 6.61?


Student Browsing History

Have you ever wanted to see what sites a student has been visiting, but the student closed the tabs before you could check? You can now view their browsing history during an active class. Look for the new "History" button next to each device in the class view.

Class Session History

Class history provides an archive of your recent classes. From there, you can review the general class stats and also review the student browsing history from that class. Choose Classes from the main menu, then look for the new "Class session history" tab in the Classes.

Select any class session to view the session details.

Switch to the "Session students" tab to view the list of students.

Select any student to review the student's browsing history during class.

Privacy Notification

Now, when classes start, a notification appears for students to let them know that a class is in session on their device and that it may be monitored.

Class Notice on Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension now displays "Class Session is Active" when hovering over the extension icon at the top of the browser.


  • When a device is moved to another OU, the Control Tower will not update to show the new OU.
  • If the notes for a Chrome device were too long, the alignment in Teacher Tools would get messed up, pushing the thumbnail out of line and sometimes chopping it off.

Other Changes

  • Time Zone Settings: You can now choose your local time zone manually under Settings/System.  
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