What's New in ChromeTools 6.62 and 6.63


New in ChromeTools 6.63


  • Device View now shows the "last seen" date and time for the device to indicate when it last communicated with Control Tower
  • Student browsing history can now be accessed from the student record in classes providing browsing history for the student for all classes in one place.  There are now three places to access student browsing history:
    1. History button in Teacher Tools
    2. Class Session record: Classes > Class Session History (tab) > Select class > Select student
    3. Student record (new): Classes > Classes or Google Classroom Classes (tab) > Select Class > Select Student > Browsing History (tab)


Watch the videothree ways to access student browsing history


New in Parent Portal 6.63

  • Parents can now create a custom blacklist to be enforced during non-school hours


Other New Items:

  • The Chrome devices table now has an export button to allow saving to a CSV, including column customizations made via the customize gear.



  • The thumbnail screen now keeps all students listed alphabetically rather than moving ones with thumbnails to the top to the list and keeping those not logged in at the bottom, causing "shuffling" as students log in and out. 
  • If a device does not communicate with Control Tower for more than one minute, the screenshot thumbnail will now disappear to help indicate the device is not active
  • When students changed the shape of the Chrome browser window to something other than full screen, such as side-by side windows, the thumbnail view in Teacher Tools would adjust to show a tall window, but we've now limited the height so that it does not take too much screen space.
  • The "forgot password" function works differently.  It now sends a reset code to the registered e-mail address that needs to be entered on a reset form rather then sending the user's actual password.


Fixes in 6.62

  • Sometimes the device name and history button would not show in Teacher Tools for students logging in after the class session started until the table was refreshed
  • Student browsing history was not always being recorded
  • Creating a web collection sometimes resulted in a "failed to access data" error.
  • Device Details now properly shows the version of Chrome OS on the device
  • The device list will highlight any Chrome OS version that is more than 5 versions behind the current release in red
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