What's New in ChromeTools 6.7?


Tab View

Teacher Tools now offers a classroom view that shows open tabs for multiple devices in the class all on one screen!  This is perfect for situations where you're more interested in opening tabs on student devices than thumbnail views of the active tab, or situations where screen viewing might be disabled for teachers.  Yes GWD50, we had you in mind as we designed this!

To use Tab View, toggle the selector at the top of the class view screen.  Toggle back on at any time.  Your choice should be remembered in your browser.

Tab View shows up to four open tabs, with the currently-active tab at the TOP of the list.  This represents the tab the student is currently viewing. If the student has more than four tabs open, use the "More..." link to jump to a detailed view to view and manage additional tabs.

To select a student in Tab View, click anywhere on the title bar.

The top bar for each student contains an icon for viewing student browsing history (clock icon) or to switch to a detailed view (eye icon).

Once the site lock is active for the device, a globe icon will appear on the top bar.

When the Screen Lock is active for the device, a lock icon will appear on the top bar and a generic lock screen image will be shown.

Tip: You can release the screen lock from an individual device by clicking on the lock icon in the top bar.


  • Location Admins and Organization Admins will now see all web links from all users on the Custom Blacklist tab.  To view links from a particular user, enter the user's name in the search box.  A new column shows the "owner" who created the link.  A new "My Blacklist Only" filter is also available.
  • When using the search box in Google Classroom Classes, the teacher name is now indexed, allowing you to search by teacher name to display all classes for a specific teacher
  • Bypass organization blacklist during class: The "Start Class" option window will allow teachers to deselect the option to enforce the organization blacklist if permission has been granted by the administrator.  
  • New Permission: "Allow org. blacklist bypass".  When enabled, this allows teachers to use a new option when starting a class that will bypass the organization blacklist. This will appear in the "Start Class" option window, allowing them to uncheck the box "Enforce organization blacklist".
  • When remotely closing the tab on a student device, the system will now prompt the teacher to ask if they would like to also add the site to their custom blacklist.
  • Student browsing history during class can now be accessed from device view (large screen view).  Previously, it was only available through the history button on the thumbnail screen.

  • Print button has been added to the bottom of the student browsing history table.

  • Manually add a weblink to the collection: You can now add web links to collections by manually entering a URL.  Previously, you could only add a link to a collection if the site was already created as a web link.


  • For Teacher Tools, the selector for the number of devices showing on the page has been removed and the system will now automatically show 48.


  • Students were showing up multiple times in class after moving from one classroom to another if switching Chromebooks because the system continued to think the student was still logged into the previous Chromebook.  This could also make it appear as if the wrong student data was displaying if the first Chromebook went into use by a new student.
  • Some devices in class will not show screenshots unless the student is logged out of their Chromebook and back in again.
  • When a class ends, a release command is sent to all devices, but if a device is already offline (closed lid, etc.) it will continue to show the lock symbol in CT if another class starts with the same student.  The icon now clears whether the device is online or not.
  • Devices will not always be unlocked outside of school hours.


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