Parent Portal Basics


his article will help you get started with Parent Portal.  After configuring school hours and parent accounts, parents will be able to access Parent Portal at:


Some items to help you get started:

School Hours: Parent Portal allows parents to exercise control over student devices during non-school hours. Be sure to configure or check the school hours configured for your organization by going to the "School schedule" tab in settings.

Create Parent Accounts and assign students to parents: see Adding Parents to Parent Portal for instructions.  The text of the email sent to parents can be found here.

Parent Passwords: If you do not use the integrated feature for sending parent account info via e-mail with a random password, you will need to notify parents through other means. In this case, you won't know the temporary password for the parent account, so you can direct them to the "Forgot your password" link on the login page.


Parent Functions: With Parent Portal, parents can:

  • View child device info
  • Apply screen layouts to their child's device in order to limit them to only certain apps during non-school hours
  • Set curfew hours, during which "screen lock" will be in effect
  • Perform "live actions": Screen Lock, Site Lock, App Lock


To learn about each of the parent functions, see the article Parent controls through Parent Portal

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