Sending Chrome extension log file


There may be times when it's useful for troubleshooting to send a log file from Chromebooks to support.  Here's how:

Part 1 - Make sure that Developer Tools can be enabled on Chromebooks

In Google Admin, Device management > Chrome > User Settings set Developer Tools = Always allow.

Note that this does NOT mean that you are enabling students to boot Chromebooks into developer mode.


Part 2: Enable developer mode on the Chromebook

On device:

  • Chrome -> More Tools -> Extensions.
  • Activate Developer mode using the switch in the upper right corner.


Part 3: Grab the log

Perform this step shortly after the problem you are troubleshooting occurs.  Usually this will mean doing it during class, right after the problem occurs.  It's helpful to try to recreate the problem early after the initial login and class session so that the log file is shorter and more narrow to the time frame of the problem.


  • Menu > More Tools > Extensions
  • Look for the TechPilot extension and click the link "background page"
  • A window will open with menu along the top.  Choose "Console" (2nd item)
  • Click the 3-dot menu, top right, choose Settings, enable "show timestamps" (under Console) then X to close


Part 4: Send the log

We need a copy of everything from the Console.  However, it will only copy the timestamp if you use CTRL+A to select all (click/drag won't work)

Oddly, it may not let you use CTRL+A until you first click & drag to select some text on the screen (probably a bug in Chrome).

When using CTRL+A it won't look like it grabbed the timestamps, but when you paste into an email, you'll see them.


Send the log file and include the Class Name, Student Name, Device ID, and approx date/time at the top.  Since the student is already logged in, the easiest way to do that is to open Gmail and paste the contents into an email to yourself (since the device will be logged in as the student and it will be their Gmail account).  Then you can forward the email from your own email to to open the ticket or respond to your support representative.  Please use a descriptive subject line like “Log file from Joe Smith Chromebook”.

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