Supervise an Older iPad (pre-iOS 11) Using Apple Configurator


If you have an older iPad (cannot update to iOS 11) and want all the benefits of supervised mode with your MDM, you may use the Apple app Configurator to put your iPad into the supervised mode.  Please follow these steps:

1. On an Apple computer install and open Configurator.

2. Connect your iPad to the Apple computer with a USB charging cable. Turn on the iPad.

3. If prompted on the iPad - select Trust


 4. In Configurator right click on the device and select Prepare.



5. Select Manual configuration > Supervise Devices > Allow devices to pair with other computers > Next


 6. Do not enroll in MDM > Next



7.  Choose the organization to assign to.  You might have to create your organization if this is the first time you have run Configurator.


 8. Select which steps you want to see upon iPad restart. > Prepare


9.  If prompted to erase, select erase.

10.  Wait for the iPad AND Configurator to finish.  The iPad should be on the Hello screen and Configurator should show a normal iPad.




You may now unplug the iPad and enroll the iPad Manually into Control Tower.  Please see section 3.4.1 Enrolling iPads manually (non-DEP) of the SchoolMDM User's Guide found on the support site. First finish the setup processes on the iPad.


OR you have two more options for Configurator.


1.  You may add your WiFi configuration to the iPad.

  • Create a Wifi Profile in Configurator that you save to your desktop. Create WiFi Profile in Configurator
  • Drag and drop the profile on-top of the iPad.  The profile will now be installed onto the iPad.


You may now unplug the iPad and manually enroll (see above) OR


2. You may download the MDM profile from Control Tower and directly enroll the iPad into the device group.

  • Open Control Tower > Devices > click on the name of the device group you want to enroll the iPad(s) in > Device Group Details Tab.
  • Download  Enrollment Profile and save to your desktop.
  • Drag and Drop the Enrollment Profile onto the iPad in Configurator.


Now unplug the iPad from the computer and finish setup.  The iPad should now be on WiFi and enrolled in Control Tower.

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