How to update an expired or expiring VPP sToken (VPP server token)?

  1. You can check the expiration date of your VPP sTokens in Securly MDM from Settings > Apple VPP.


You do not need to wait for the sToken to expire before replacing it with an updated token.

You can download your new sToken from Apple School Manager (or Apple Business Manager). To do this, click your name/email address at the bottom of the left menu, and then select Preferences > Payments and Billing, then click on the Server Token you wish to download.


Now, replace the sToken in Securly MDM

  1. In the Control Tower go to  Settings > Apple VPP tab.
  2. Click on the name of your VPP account for the sToken you are updating.
  3. Click the Choose file button, then find and select the sToken you saved earlier. Choose_File__1_.png
  4. Click Save.
  5. The Expiration Date column should now show the new date.  Wait several minutes, then check the Last Sync column to make sure the token is syncing with the MDM. New_Expiration.png
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