Dashboard warning: we are unable to find the Securly Locker in any of your VPP accounts

Issue: You see a warning on the MDM Dashboard: Warning. We are unable to find the Securly Locker on any of your VPP accounts. Please add the Securly Locker to one of your VPP accounts that is configured in Securly Device Console, or add a VPP account to the Securly Device Console where the app has already been purchased.  


What this means:  Securly MDM needs to distribute the Securly Locker app to all of your iOS devices.  To do this, you need to have the app purchased on at least one of the VPP accounts that's configured in the Securly MDM (Device Console). It doesn't matter which account you use.  Please purchase the free Securly Locker app in sufficient quantity to cover all of your devices, plus extras for future use.  Note that you do NOT need to assign the app to any group for installation. Securly MDM will automatically install the app on all iOS devices for you.

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