What's New in MDM 6.71?



Clear passcode before with iOS Lost Mode

Some users experienced problems getting iPads out of Lost Mode if the device had a passcode.  The reason is this: if the device went into a deep sleep or was powered off and disconnected from the Internet, it would not reconnect to the Internet until a passcode was entered. However, in Lost Mode, there's no prompt to enter a passcode.  Without connecting to the Internet, the device would never receive the unlock command.  We can now clear the passcode BEFORE putting the device into lost mode.

Re-enroll Apple devices into the previous group

A new option in Settings > System allows you to configure the system so that when an enrolled device is reset and enrolled through DEP again, it will drop into the device group where it was previously enrolled, rather than going to the default device group configured in DEP settings. (Thanks to Tammy M. at Muhlenberg Schools for the suggestion!)

Parents can enforce custom blacklist in Parent Portal

A new option in the Parent Portal allows parents to create a blacklist of websites they don't want their children to use during non-school hours.

Parents can clear a child device passcode in Parent Portal

TechPilot Locker now has an option to sort apps


Other New Items

  • Web Links in the TechPilot Locker on student devices can now be set to open in the Chrome browser, rather than Safari.  If Chrome is not installed on the device, the link will open in Safari. This is a system-wide setting that can be configured in Settings > System.
  • There is a new option to skip cellular plan setup during DEP enrollment
  • On the Assigned Apps tab for each device group, each app is now a link that will jump to the app details on the iOS Location apps list when clicked.
  • In TechPilot Locker, folders that represent website collections will now show the number of items in the folder at the end of the collection name
  • New iOS restriction: Auto Filter Enabled.  This enables a very basic, minimal level of keyword filtering in Safari that can catch only a small percentage of content but may be helpful for a few non-school organizations as a temporary solution. This should not be considered a "real" content filter and is not CIPA compliant for schools. 
  • New iOS restrictions: Allow adding or removing a cellular plan
  • New iOS and macOS restrictions for enforcing passcode policy: Requires alphanumeric password and Max inactivity


  • In Teacher Tools, the "none" screen layout, which removes all layouts, has been renamed to "no layout - all apps"


  • When moving devices between groups, sometimes the device serial number will be appended to the end of the device name.
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