What's New in MDM 6.72?


Breadcrumb trail: After navigating past the main menu item, a breadcrumb trail will provide quick access to each level accessed.

New Settings for Mac Network Profiles:  Use as Login window Configuration: User logs in to authenticate the Mac to the network.

Force WiFi Whitelisting has been moved from Restriction Profiles to Network Profiles.  If you are using this restriction, please check your Network profile to make sure the current setting is correct.

Also new in this version:

  • For iPads in Shared iPad Mode, the class rosters presented on the login screen are now filtered to show only teachers and classes from the same location as the device. This should make the list much smaller.
  • The system is smarter about retrying failed app installations, which should reduce the frequency that apps show as "missing" in status.
  • The "Auto-sync apps and content" settings have been removed. It was only used for troubleshooting and is no longer needed. Apps and content will always automatically sync.
  • Parent Portal now shows installed apps on student devices.

  • Control Tower now allows students to be assigned to a device even if the student and device are in different locations.

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