What's New in ChromeTools 6.59?


Changes and New Features in ChromeTools 6.59


  • The Chrome Lost Devices table now includes the Asset Tag number for the device. (Thanks to Jane G. at Cheverus High School for the suggestion)

  • Add 5 minutes to the running class:  quickly extend a class by five minutes with this new button.
  • Site Lock now includes an option for "Allow entire site". With this option, students the entire domain of the URL entered for site lock will be allowed. This is useful in at least two situations:
    1. You want to have a specific page on the site open for the user, but you want them to be able to browse the entire site.
    2. You are opening a specific page, but certain parts of the page are missing or not working because the page uses resources that come from other areas of the site. If you haven't used this new "allow entire site" feature, you will have to create a web link using the "dependencies" feature to list the specific other URLs where resources are allowed.

  • Web Link Collections


    Version 6.59 introduces the ability to create groups of websites together as a collection.  To create a collection, select multiple web links, then use the new "Create collection" button at the top of the list.  Later, the list can be edited by clicking it from the list.  

    The collection can then be used in Teacher Tools with Site Lock and Open Site functions.

    Links can belong to multiple collections.

  • Buttons for Link, Unlink, and Force Sync have been moved from the bottom of the page to the Google Directory Sync section.
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