What's New in ChromeTools 6.71




Student Hand Raise

Students can now alert teachers that they need help with a "virtual hand raise".  Students can click the extension icon at the top of their browser and use the "hand raise" button.
The extension icon on the student device will change to show the hand icon

When activated, the teacher will see a hand icon in Teacher Tools
The icon appears in the top bar when using tab view

The teacher can cancel Hand Raise by simply clicking on the hand icon.

The student can cancel Hand Raise by clicking on the extension and using the "Cancel Hand Raise" button.


Parents can enforce custom blacklist in Parent Portal


A new option in Parent Portal allows parents to create a blacklist of websites they don't want their children to use during non-school hours.

Active Class Session List


Administrators can now see a list of all currently active class sessions. This is found on a new tab in Classescalled Active sessions.  Clicking on any session will jump to Teacher Tools and to that specific class.  


Other New Items

  • The table that shows Google Classroom classes now has a column that shows the number of students in the class
  • A new option on all tables is a "Reset All" button found on the customize gear that clears all custom table modifications (additional columns, widths, etc.)
  • The device list now has columns for "Last Seen" and "Last User".  The columns are not visible by default, but you can add them with the customize gear.
  • When teachers start a class, they will receive a notification if a student is still part of a previous class that 's still in session. The new teacher will take over control.  The teacher from the previous class will see the text "In class" with the name of the new class in the student information area and the generic student icon will be shown.
  • Administrators will now get notified when a student logs into a Chromebook that is not in the device list in Control Tower.  This can happen if the device has not been enrolled in Google Admin or the device is in an OU that is not set to sync with Control Tower.  The message is your alert that there may be an issue.  Note that ChromeTools will not work properly on devices that are not in the device list.  The notification message will read:  "User xyz.here.com is using a device not registered with the system."



  • The device details for Chromebooks now show the current version of the Chrome extension
  • Manually created classes now appear above Google Classroom classes in the class selection list in Teacher Tools



  • When exporting the device list of Chrome devices, only the current page would export instead of the entire list of devices. This can be added to the table view with the customize gear.
  • The device list was not searchable by Device ID
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