What's New in ChromeTools 6.73?



Announcement Feature

Send a message to one or more student devices. The feature is accessed by a new button at the top of Teacher Tools that functions as the other: select an individual student or the entire class.  If no selection is made, you will be prompted "Do you want to apply Announcements to all devices in this class?" 

Enter a custom message.

All tabs on student devices will be replaced with a custom message until they acknowledge the message by clicking "Ok" before they can go back to work.

NOTE: Student devices must be updated to ChromeTools extension version 1.0.179. Chrome extensions normally update automatically but can take several hours. Sometimes they will update faster if the students logs off and back into the  Chromebook. You can check the extension version on the device by hovering over the extension icon. If the Announcement feature is attempted on a device that is not up to date, a notification message will appear at the top of ChromeTools.

Schoology Integration
For districts that use Schoology, you can now enable this integration to pull class rosters automatically from Schoology. To configure, enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in the appropriate fields in the Schoology tab in Settings.

To find these values in Schoology, go to Tools > School Management > Integration and click on the API tab.  If the fields are blank, click "Request a new API token" to generate new ones.

After a successful sync, the Schoology classes will appear on a new tab in the Classes area. They will also be available on the class selector in Teacher Tools, ready for use by teachers.

Class Session History Improvements

The Class Session History table now includes the teacher's name and a search box to allow for each search by class or teacher.  This can help evaluate system usage as a whole or by the teacher. There's also an export button for this table to export to a CSV file. (Thanks to the folks at Red Clay Consolidated School District for the suggestion!)

Notification if students are still active in another class

When starting a class session, the system will notify the teacher if one or more of the students are still in active class sessions from another class. If the class starts with these students, they will become active in the new class and inactive in the previous one.

The icon for the student will be changed for the teacher of the previous class and text will be provided listing the new class.



  • When viewing student browsing history, the list will now include any sites that were blocked due to system or custom blacklists (a red block symbol will appear next to these)
  • Open Site has been renamed to Push URL
  • When using Site Lock, the option for "Allow entire site" is now selected by default.  This option allows browsing to other pages in the same domain, rather than restricting browsing to just a single page in the link.


  • Device View (large student screen view) will sometimes constantly refresh with the image disappearing and reappearing
  • The option to re-enroll iPads back into their previous group after a reset, rather than the group specified in DEP settings, only worked if the iPad reset was initiated through the Control Tower. It will now work if the reset was initiated by other means too, such as on the device or via an iTunes or Apple Configurator reset.
  • When adding access to locations for teachers, the "select all" link would select all locations, but it would not add them all when saved.
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