Parent controls through Parent Portal


This article provides a summary of the functions available to parents from the device info page in Parent Portal.


Parent Screen Layouts

Parents have the ability to create and apply a screen layout to their child's device in order to limit them to only certain apps during non-school hours. Here's how they work:

  • When a parent applies a screen layout, it will not take effect until after school hours have ended
  • At the start of the next school day, the parent layout will be removed, and the most recently-applied school screen layout will be applied
  • At the end of the school day, the student device will return to the parent-applied layout


The creation of the screen layouts is identical for parents as for other users.  To apply the screen layout, parents choose the layout and click Activate from the device screen.


Parents can set curfew hours, during which devices will receive a "screen lock." To configure, parents choose the hours and click Save.  The screen lock imposed by curfew hours will automatically be removed when school hours begin if they overlap.


Parent Live Actions

Live Actions for parents work the same way as the identical function in Teacher Tools for Screen Lock, Site Lock, and App Lock.  The parent can use the release button to end the lock, or it will automatically be released when school-hours begin.

Unlike the parent screen layout, which will be applied again each day when school hours are over, the live actions will not be automatically re-applied at the end of school hours each day.


"Currently available" will show "Yes" or "No" to let the parent know if non-school hours are currently in effect or not since the function will only take effect during those times.

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