Samsung tablet says it supports Enhanced Mode but Agent shows "Samsung not initialized"



The TabPilot Manager says the device supports Samsung Enhanced Mode, but after installation, the agent shows "Samsung not initialized" and enhanced mode features like silent app installation and screen viewing don't work.


After installation, there is a prompt to agree to the terms and conditions for Samsung KNOX.  They need to be accepted for the TabPilot Agent to be assigned device administrator rights.


If the KNOX prompt was missed, you can often trigger it by going to settings > general > security > device administrators and putting a check next to TabPilot.

In some cases, we've seen a situation where the device will prompt for the KNOX setting, but it could not register itself with Samsung because access was blocked by the firewall.  To find out if this could be happening in your situation, take one of the devices outside of the school network (connected via a hotspot or from home) and see if everything then registers and works properly.

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