Screen View is not working in Classroom.

Problem: In the Classroom, thumbnails on student screens are never displayed.

Please check a few things for me on the student Chromebook and in the Google Admin Console:

  • Have the student power off and back on the Chromebook (not just close and re-open the lid).
  • Is the Securly Classroom extension on the Chromebook version 1.13.01? (hover over the extension on the Chromebook).


  • Is the Securly Classroom extension force installed on the Student User OU(s)? (jfbecfmiegcjddenjhlbhlikcbfmnafd). Force Install Extension.   Step #7 is critical
  • Is the old Securly Classroom extension on the device? Please remove from G-Suite (ID lhhdpbmfkhodhahbnjkagoclhakconlo)
  • Are screenshots enabled on the Google Admin console?


  • Set Securly Classroom to Trusted in Security > API Access > Apps (It is defaulted to Limited)
  • Is the Chromebook OU in G-Suite set to block Chrome Incognito? Extensions do not load on the incognito browser.
  • Is the student using the correct login credentials on the Chromebook? Your credentials must match your credentials in the Google Admin Console.
  • When the student signs into the Chromebook, opens the Chrome Browser and launches a website, does the Classroom extension load onto the browser? If not, make sure that the student is assigned to the proper OU in your Google Admin console.
  • During the active class, is the session Classroom extension Blue or Gray? Is it showing any kind of error? If it is gray or there is a red exclamation point, it usually means the Chromebook is not registered in the Device Console.
  • Remove the student profile from the Chromebook. You may do this remotely from G-Suite by finding the student's device, putting a check next to it, and selecting the Remove Profile Button in the upper right. (see screenshot below) This will log the student out of the Chromebook.


If you’re having trouble getting Chromebooks to share their screen and you’ve already checked everything including trusting security API, ensuring screenshots are allowed, devices being synced in, the extension being pushed out, etc. then it’s time to shift your focus to extensions that may be blocking Securly Classroom.

These are the ones that we have found so far but that doesn’t mean there aren't more.

  • GoGuardian- has a feature that blocks other extensions from installing.  Ensure that is turned off if a customer is switching or has recently switched from GoGuardian.
  • Lan School - it does the same thing as GoGuardian. Ensure that it is turned off. 
  • Kami- currently, there is no known setting to fix it, you have to remove the extension or reach out to Kami for a workaround.

To see if you have an extension blocking Securly Classroom, please move a test user to an OU that has nothing but Securly Classroom assigned to them.  You can also leave Securly Filter if you’d like.  If everything works correctly it is likely another extension that is causing the issue.

If the problem persists, please contact us at 

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