Screen View is not working in Classroom.


Problem: In the Classroom, thumbnails on student screens are never displayed.

Please check a few things for me on the student Chromebook and in the Google Admin Console:

  • Have the student power off and back on the Chromebook (not just close and re-open the lid).
  • Is the TP extension on the Chromebook version 1.9.07? (hover over the extension on the Chromebook).


  • Is the Securly Classroom (TP) extension force installed on the Student User OU(s)? (jfbecfmiegcjddenjhlbhlikcbfmnafd). Force Install Extension
  • Is the old Securly Classroom extension on the device? Please remove from G-Suite (ID lhhdpbmfkhodhahbnjkagoclhakconlo)
  • Are screenshots enabled on the Google Admin console?


  • Set Securly Classroom to Trusted in Security > API Access > Apps (It is defaulted to Limited)
  • Is the Chromebook OU in G-Suite set to block Chrome Incognito? Extensions do not load on the incognito browser.
  • Is the student using the correct login credentials on the Chromebook? Your credentials must match your credentials in the Google Admin Console.
  • When the student signs into the Chromebook, opens the Chrome Browser and launches a website, does the TP extension load onto the browser? If not, make sure that the student is assigned to the proper OU in your Google Admin console.
  • During the active class, is the session TP extension Green/Orange or Gray? Is it showing any kind of error? If it is gray or there is a red exclamation point, it usually means the Chromebook is not registered in the Device Console.
  • Remove the student profile from the Chromebook. You may do this remotely from G-Suite by finding the student's device, putting a check next to it, and selecting the Remove Profile Button in the upper right. (see screenshot below) This will log the student out of the Chromebook.



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