Apps not installing, common causes and solutions


There are a number of reasons apps might not install on iPads.  This article lists a few of the causes and solutions to help with troubleshooting.


Problem:  The app being installed is 32-bit and not compatible with iOS version that requires 64-bit 

Indicators: The app will not install and status will indicate 32-bit app

To diagnose:  Check the details of the app to see if compatible with iOS of iPad (app or VPP store).  If the app has not been updated since September 2014 it is a 32-bit app.

Solution: Unassign app from group/class.  Check with app developer for the updated app.


Problem:  iPad is not communicating with TechPilot

Indicators: Status in Control Tower shows old sync date and/or pending …..

To diagnose: Status in Control Tower shows old sync date and/or pending.  Try screen lock or app lock on the iPad from Teacher Tools to help determine if the device is communicating with TechPilot.

Solution: Make sure the device is on and awake.  Make sure the device is connected to the internet.  Hard reboot iPad (Hold power and Home button until it resets).  If all else fails, you can try to delete the iPad from Control Tower and factory reset.


Problem:  Out of app licenses

Indicators: You received an email and notice in Control Tower

To diagnose: Check iOS apps list for the number of licenses versus number assigned devices

Solution: Go to VPP/ASM account and purchase more licenses of the app.


Problem:  Firewall is blocking install

Indicators: Apps won’t install, but there are no indicators in Control Tower

To diagnose: Create hotspot outside of the school network or take the device outside of the school network to connect to the Internet to see if apps start installing properly

Solution: If the apps install when connected to an outside network, check the settings on the firewall to allow communication from Apple and TechPilot


Problem:  The app is no longer available in the app store.

Indicators: Sometimes will receive an error message in Control Tower stating the app is no longer available.

To diagnose: Check VPP or Apple App store for the app.

Solution: Unassign app from group/class.  Check with app developer for an updated app or a new app.


Problem:  App not device assignable

Indicators: No orange check in the Device Assignable Column in the list and/or app says User Assignable in the Status. Sometimes receive an error stating that an Apple ID is required to install the app.

Solution: Check the Source column in the iOS Location Apps list to make sure the app came from the VPP store.  Check the description of the app in the Apple app or VPP store, it will say that the app is device assignable or not. If the app is device assignable, resync and enable the VPP account in Control Tower.


Problem:  iPad is unsupervised

Indicators: App installation requires the end user to okay the installation of the app and sign into the iPad with an Apple ID.

Solution: Delete the device from Control Tower and supervise via Apple Configurator and manually enroll into Control Tower OR enroll the iPad into the Control Tower via Apple DEP.

Problem: VPP sToken Expired

Indicators: Apps won’t install, but there are no indicators in Control Tower

To diagnose: In Control Tower go to Settings and then the Apple VPP tab.  In the Expiration column you will see a date that is colored yellow or red.

Solution:  Follow the steps in this article: VPP sToken has expired. 

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