Will parents see flagged searches in the activity reports if keyword scanning is not enabled?

Securly gives IT admins the ability to determine if they want to scan search keywords on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia. This is a policy level setting and can be enabled by the admin depending upon who it is being applied to. Click here to learn more.

DNS Users

If you are a DNS user and keyword scanning is not enabled for a particular policy, then your students’ parents will not see any flagged searches in the activity reports. If it is enabled, then parents will see the flagged activity in their kids' reports.

Nucleus UI view


Older UI view


Chrome Extension Users

If you are a Chrome Extension user then keyword searches are filtered and flagged irrespective of whether your keyword scanning is enabled or not. This means that your parents will also see flagged searches in the activity reports.

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