How do I schedule reports to be sent to me periodically?


The Securly portal provides you easy access to a granular view of your students’ activity reports. These reports can be both downloaded or emailed. You can also schedule recurring email reports to be sent to anyone who needs regular access including yourself or your teachers and counselors. The activity reports for specific OUs or individual students will be sent to the intended recipient at the frequency and duration you determine.

To schedule recurring email reports:

  1. Log in to your Securly portal.
  2. Navigate to the Reports tab and click the Reports button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select the Email sub tab and fill in the details about the student or OU you want to generate the report for, the recipient, the categories, policies etc. as explained in this KB.
  4. Click Schedule Report to launch a pop-up for details of the schedule. schedulereports1.jpg
  5. The Repeat field will be auto-populated for you depending upon the date range you selected in the previous screen. Note that you cannot change the frequency here. You would need to select a different date range to do that. schedulereports.jpg
  6. Select the Start Date for your report. Securly will start sending you email reports on this date. Note that the report will be emailed to you on the specific date you select. For monthly occurring reports if you select a date that does not appear in a particular month, you will not receive a report for that month.  
  7. Select the Time when you would like to receive the report on the assigned day. Note that you cannot select a time between 12 am and 7 am. Also, reports will display activities up till the previous date irrespective of the delivery time you may have selected for your report.  
  8. You can also specify an end date for your email reports by selecting the appropriate options from the End Date field.
  9. Select the type of file you want to receive and click Save to save your preferences.
  10. Click Schedule Recurring Email to complete the process.

You can review your schedules or delete them at any time by visiting Account Settings. Note that you can create only five schedules at any time. To create the sixth one you would first need to delete an existing schedule.

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