I downloaded the activity report for an OU but did not get activities for all users in the OU. Why?


The activity report for a specific OU may at times not display activities for all users. This could be because:

    1. The report contains more than 5000 entries and the activities for users you find missing might appear after the 5000th entry. Note that entries in the report are arranged by date with the most recent (honoring your date selection) appearing first. You can generate an email report if you want to see more than 5000 entries.
    2. The user you find missing might belong to the sub-OU housed under the parent OU you selected for downloading your report. For example: If domain.com is a parent OU with 10 users and Grade 1 and Grade 2 are sub-OUs under it with 30 users each, you will be displayed activities only for the 10 users that are a part of the parent OU, and not the Grade 1 and Grade 2 sub-OU users. Please check which OU the user belongs to and download the report again. You can also download a report for the specific users. Click here to learn how.  
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