How to download activity reports for specific OUs?

To download activity reports for individual OUs.  

    1. Log in to Securly Filter.
    2. Navigate to the "Activities" tab and click the "Reports" button in the upper right-hand corner.
    3. Click on the "Download Reports" sub-tab.
    4. The type of Activity will be auto-selected to ‘Blocked’. Note that you cannot download activity reports for "Allowed" or "All" types of activities at this time.OU.png
    5. Select the "OU" radio button. 
    6. Select an OU from the dropdown for the Select an OU field.*
    7. Select Category. Note that you can only select one category at a time.
    8. Select the Policy. Note that you can only select one policy at a time.
    9. Select one of the filters for activity types - Recent, Site, Videos, Searches, Wiki, and Social Posts.
    10. Select the time range for which you want to generate the report. You can also select a custom date range for a maximum of 30 days.      custom_range_-_download.png     
    11. Click the "Download as CSV" or "Download as PDF" button to download the report in either CSV or PDF format accordingly. Note that the downloaded report will only display 5000 activities. If you anticipate your report to contain more than 5000 activities, please choose the email report option.

*Note that even if you select a parent OU you will be displaying activities for users, only in that OU and not the users contained within the sub-OUs for that parent OU. If you want to view activities for users in the sub-OU you would need to choose the specific sub-OU. For example: If is a parent OU with 10 users and Grade 1 and Grade 2 are sub-OUs under it with 30 users each, you will be displaying activities only for the 10 users that are a part of the parent OU and not the Grade 1 and Grade 2 sub-OU users

You can also download activity reports for specific students. Click here to learn more.

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