What aspects of the web portal/ SecurlyHome app are restricted if I customize parent settings?


When you enable customized parent settings for your school’s parents you can expect the following changes in parental access:

  1. You can choose for parents to see only the Activity and Settings/ Rules tabs, but not the Flagged tab.noflaggedtab.jpg
  2. You can choose to hide all social media activity from parents both in the Activity and Flagged tabs. This means that they will continue to see other blocked or allowed activity but not see any activity related to social media such as posts on Facebook or Twitter. nosocialmedia.jpg
  3. You can choose for parents to see only the Activity and Flagged tabs, but not the Settings/ Rules tab by simply selecting ‘No Control’ from the Parents tab in your Securly portal. Please note that if a parent has a child enrolled in your district, but also has a child enrolled in a different district that chooses to display the Settings/ Rules tab, or if the parent uses the Hub by Securly, she/he will continue to be displayed the Settings/ Rules tab but with limited functionality. The parent will not be able to manage settings for his/her child studying at your school but will be able to manage settings for other children or the Hub by Securly


To enable the customized parent settings please contact us at support@securly.com

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