Why is device location disabled for some devices ?


Flagged Activity logs in Aware display the location of the device at the time of the activity being flagged. This is intended to help you reach out to students in distress faster. However, at times, certain logs might not display the device's location.

This could be because:

  1. Geolocation tracking is disabled in your Aware Account Settings. Visit your Account Settings page to ensure that device tracking is enabled. Once enabled, Securly will start tracking device locations within a few minutes.


  1. The concerned student or user may not have accepted geolocation tracking. If you are a DNS user, please ensure that all students accept the geolocation tracking request.


  1. If you are a DNS user, certain social media activities such as those for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube cannot be tracked for device locations at this time. Rest assured that all other types of flagged activity will display the device location.

Note that Chrome Extension (v02.97.00 and above) users do not require their students or users to accept geolocation tracking requests and Securly tracks the device location automatically.


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