How to set up Aware for Office 365 emails?

To start scanning emails using Aware by Securly you would need to create a new journal rule in Exchange that would forward emails to the Aware engine.

Before you begin the setup please ensure that you have an Exchange Online license.

To set up Aware:

  1. Login to with your Admin credentials.
  2. Expand the navigation menu on the left and scroll down to select ‘Exchange.’office365newscreenshot.png
  1. Navigate to Compliance management > Journal rulesAuditorazure.jpg
  2. To create a new journal rule click the ‘+’ sign. This will launch a new journal rule pop-up. Auditorazure2.jpg
  3. Depending upon your regional cluster use one of the following email IDs in the ‘Send journal reports to’ field. The email ID for your regional cluster will also be displayed to you on the setup screen.

US East:

US West:

EU West:


US East2:




  1. Input a unique name for your new journal rule in the ‘Name’ field.
  2. Select ‘Apply to all messages’ from the drop-down menu for the ‘If the message is sent to or received from…’ field.
  3. Select ‘All messages’ from the drop-down menu for the ‘Journal the following messages…’ field.
  4. Click Save.

This completes the technical aspect of the Aware setup in Office 365.

The Securly setup process will then ask you to provide a ‘Notification Email’ where you would receive all the email alerts that Auditor sends for flagged activities.


As a final step, a test email with disturbing content will be sent to a test email ID you provide. This test email will be displayed on your Aware dashboard indicating that Aware has been installed successfully and monitoring for flagged activity has started.    

Check out the installation video here.  

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