How to disable Auditor for Gmail?


If you do not require Securly’s Auditor services anymore you have the option to disable Auditor from your G Suite account. Before you decide to disable Auditor please take a moment to consider that you would be losing out on critical alerts pertaining to the safety of your students. Without Auditor you would no longer be able to scan your students’ emails for signs of grief, self-harm, bullying, and suicidal thoughts.

To disable Auditor:

  1. Login to your G Suite account.
  2. Navigate to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced Settings
  3. In the General Settings tab scroll down to Routing and hover over it
  4. Click Disable.


This will disable Auditor for the current OU selected. This will need to be done for the OU’s that Securly Auditor was enabled during installation.

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