What can I expect if I use Securly filtering and Classroom together?


While Classroom by Securly is freely available to all schools and teachers, you can be guaranteed greater student safety if you choose to use Securly filtering products in conjunction with Classroom by Securly.

There are a few things to note when using both Securly filtering and Classroom.

  1. If a particular site is blocked by your Securly filtering policy, it will continue to be blocked even if you select Open Mode for your class, or add that site to the exceptions list in Lock Down Mode. The site will be blocked during the live sessions.
  2. If a site is allowed by your Securly filtering policy, and you add it to the Exceptions list of the Open Mode or select the Lock Down Mode, the site will be blocked for the students during that class.


  1. At this stage (MVP) of Classroom by Securly, any teacher who is part of the delegated reporting group in Securly filtering will be unable to use Classroom by Securly. A teacher email ID can’t be of both the Delegated Reporting group and Classroom at the same time.
  2. Even if a student is off-campus when a Permission Set is active, the student’s device will be filtered as per the Classroom by Securly Permissions and not Securly Filtering.
  3. Whenever a live session ends, the students in that class will start receiving the filtering policy assigned to his OU.
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