How to allow all email from in Gmail?

If you are experiencing problems receiving email alerts from the Aware ( you might miss out on some important updates about your students. To begin receiving alerts, all you need to do is allow Securly in your G Suite domain.

There are two reasons why Securly emails may be blocked.  

  1. You have set up delivery restrictions for internal domains.
  2. Spam settings are catching

Each of these settings is set at the OU level for each organization. Settings may allow for some users and not others. Please make sure you have the correct OU selected when making changes.

Removing delivery restrictions for OU

  1. Log in to your Google admin account and navigate to Apps > Google workspace > Gmail > Compliance 
  2. Scroll down to "Restrict Delivery" and click on "Configure". 
  3. Select the list to which you want to add the domain name, or create a new one if no list exists.
  4. Add the domain name "" under "Add the address or domain you want to allow" and click on "Save". 

Updating Spam restrictions

  1. Login to your Google admin account and navigate to Apps > Google workspace > Gmail >  Spam, phishing, and malware
  2. Scroll down to Spam and click on "Configure".
  3. Provide your name under the Spam field.
  4. Under "Bypass spam filters for messages from senders or domains in selected lists" click "Use existing list" or "Create a new one" as applicable.               
  5. Click on "Save".

Note that these changes may take up to 1 hour to propagate to all users.

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