How do I sign up for Classroom by Securly?


Classroom by Securly can be used by everyone irrespective of whether you are currently using any of Securly’s filtering products.

To sign up for Classroom by Securly:

  1. Email our support team at and they will enable it for you.
  2. The support team will ask you for a CSV (.csv file) containing emails for teachers who would use Classroom by Securly. (A sample template for the CSV is attached at the end of this article.)
  3. Make sure that the CSV does not exceed 10MB.

Note that only teachers who have been added to Classroom by Securly via the CSV will be able to manage Permissions. Even if a student has access to Google Classroom with teacher permissions he would not be able to access Classroom by Securly unless his email is added to the CSV.

Signing up for Classroom by Securly is easy and free. Go ahead and email us to get started.

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