How does Azure AD work with Securly?

Securly supports single sign-on with Azure AD to provide schools that use Azure AD as their primary authentication provider a seamless login experience.

To begin using Securly with Azure AD, you will require an IIS server for authentication and user import to Securly.

The diagram lays out the Securly - Azure AD architecture.


It is important to note that Azure Connect uses the User Principal Name (UPN) to sync users between the local Active Directory and the Azure Active Directory. You can also use other fields such as the email field. The Securly IIS server should be configured to use the same syncing field as Azure Connect. This will ensure that users get the correct policy.

Note that Chrome OS is not supported directly by Microsoft authentication.  A Google account is required to manage and support the Chromebook. This can be done with the SAML SSO setup inside of Google.

Securly supports Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) authentication for on-site as well as off-site. There is an additional configuration to allow your ADFS to be used as an off-site authentication provider. Please contact to add your server.

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