How do I limit the number of users accessing the Securly console?

Just as admins find it necessary to share their admin responsibilities with other co-workers, sometimes they also need to restrict the number of people who access the Securly console. Any admin with access to the Securly console can change policy settings, allow/block websites and keywords, update OUs etc. At times this can be a security risk.

As such only a user who is a G-Suite admin and part of the Securly Admins group will be able to access the Securly console.

Setup required

  1. Create an OU titled SecurlyAdmins in G-Suite.


  1. Add the desired users to this newly created OU.


  1. Import the OU to Securly.

The users in the ‘SecurlyAdmins’ OU would now be the only ones with access to the Securly console. You can add any number of users to this OU at your discretion.

Note that if the school does not create the ‘SecurlyAdmins’ OU all super admin role users will have access to the Securly console.


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