What's New in MDM 9.6

A new version of Securly MDM is being released this week! Here are the new updates that are on the way:

Add Web Links to screen layouts

It’s now possible to add Web Links directly to screen layouts. Before this update, making web links available to students required assigning them to appear in the Securly Locker app, but they could not be added directly to home screens. The process for adding a web link to a layout is the same as the process for adding apps.



Nucleus UI Updates

Nucleus UI is almost finished! All major areas are complete.

This release adds:

  • Content / Screen Layouts
  • Profiles / Settings (Mac)
  • Classes Listing

Remaining areas to finish:

  • Class details tabs
  • Add classes
  • Location tab, in device information tabs section, for lost device
  • Content Token update
  • Assign/unassign items to groups/schools/classes update

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where the setting “Re-enroll Apple devices into previous device group” was not working properly. After reset and re-enrollment, devices were picking up their previous name, but were not being put back in the old device group.

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