What's New in Classroom 9.6 - July 2024

Archive Classes

Classes can now be hidden from the Classes menu by archiving them. This provides teachers a way to clean up their class lists by removing old, unused classes. Users with permission to edit a class will have permission to archive  The process can be easily reversed by unarchiving. Archive and Unarchive are available from the list view for classes. Archiving a class will also disable any applicable class schedules.

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Drag and Drop to Move Students Between Groups

It’s now possible to move students between groups by dragging and dropping them. The existing method of moving students by editing any group and selecting or deselecting students also remains available.

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Securly Pass Integration

Securly Classroom integrates deeply with Securly Pass, our industry-leading digital hall pass solution.  Teachers can perform all of the most common daily functions related to digital hall passes directly from Securly Classroom, with no need to switch to the Securly Pass interface.

The integration offers the following features:

  • See which students are already out on an active pass when starting a class.

  • See a badge on a student’s thumbnail to indicate if the student is out on an active pass, and click to view pass details.

  • Get a notification when a student is on the way to class from another location.
  • Approve or cancel hall pass requests.

  • Get a notification when a student on a pass arrives at their destination.

  • Get notifications for auto-passes.

Want to learn more about how digital hall passes can help your school make the most of valuable class time? Learn more about Securly Pass here.


When students switch networks, there could be a delay of up to 1 minute before the student is reconnected to Securly Classroom. This delay has been eliminated, resulting in a reconnect in 5 to 10 seconds.

Windows Agent Updates

The Windows agent now offers support for Chrome and Edge 125 and 126.

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