How do I set up the Wellness Widget?

Identifying at-risk students and responding proactively is a challenge for any school administration. This is where Securly Aware’s Wellness Widget comes in. This tool helps schools direct their students to mental health assistance resources based on their wellness scores. The Aware AI displays the Wellness Widget when it detects a user’s wellness level decreasing. 

However, you may not want to present the same resources to every group of students. Schools can now create different versions of the Wellness Widget and assign them to different OUs. This means that you can now present different resources to elementary, middle, and high schoolers, or get even more granular and offer links to schedule time with counselors assigned to specific schools.

To get started, navigate to your Securly Aware account settings by clicking the profile dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on the Wellness tab. Create a new Wellness widget by clicking the Add new widget button at the bottom of the screen. 


Add new widget.png

Setting up links in the Resources tab 

After clicking the ‘Add new widget’ button, you’ll be prompted to fill the below entry fields in the resources tab:

  • Widget name - You can set any name here. This won’t be displayed to the students. Eg: Elementary students
  • Header - The text entered in this field will be displayed prominently at the top of the widget.
  • Body - The text entered in this field will be displayed below the header.
  • Resource fields - You can set up to four resources to be displayed to students. For each resource, set a URL and the text you would like to display.
  • Add from library - This library contains websites, PDFs and other links that can be used within the wellness widget. You can also build your own list of resources here.

Wellness widget resources.PNG

Selecting OUs for your widget

After you fill the resources, click on the Continue button. You’ll be taken to the next step, mapping which OUs this widget is for. Select the OUs mapped to the student group/grade of your choice by clicking on the checkbox. You can also manually search for an OU with the Search field on the right. Click the Continue button to proceed to the next screen.


Setting time intervals for the Wellness Widget

Once you’ve confirmed the resources and OUs, you can set the days and times when the Wellness Widget should be displayed from the ‘Set time interval' tab. Please note that this widget will also be triggered by change in wellness levels of a student. 

Time interval.png


1. In the ‘Define mapping pattern’ box, select any day of the week or multiple days for displaying the Wellness Widget by clicking on the checkboxes.

2. Select the time range for each day by manually entering it into the time field or clicking on the clock icon. The duration of the time window will be displayed on the far right. 

3. Under the recurrence section, you have three options - every week, custom, and none. Selecting the Custom option will allow you to set a monthly or yearly occurrence. 


Monthly or yearly.png

  • Choosing the monthly option will present you with a dropdown list with further options to customize the recurrence.


  • Choosing the yearly option will allow you to select the months and the weeks. Once you have selected the months, click on the Done button to save. 


4. Set the start and end date by scrolling down to the “Define start and end date for the pattern” box. 


Finally, click the Save button at the bottom right to save your changes. You can repeat the above steps to create multiple widgets for different OUs and have them displayed at various time intervals. 

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