How to ensure your devices are using updated APNS certificates

In September 2020, Securly released an update to MDM that allowed customers to create and upload their own APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) certificates for device enrollments. Devices enrolled before this date used a shared certificate that is set to expire in November 2024 and cannot be renewed.

Here are the steps you need to take prior to November 2024:

  1. Check Your APNS Certificate:

Navigate to Settings > APNS in Nucleus UI or Settings > Apple MDM in Classic UI, then add or update your certificate if needed.

  1. Identify and Re-enroll Devices:
    • Locate devices using the shared certificate:
      • Switch to Classic UI.
      • Go to Devices and select "all iOS."
      • Check the "Shared APNS cert only" box.
      • Export the list using the export button at the top right of the table.
    • Before you reset and re-enroll, make sure you enable the setting "Re-enroll Apple devices into previous group”
    • Reset and re-enroll these devices into Securly MDM before November 2024.


Q: Is there any work around?
A: Unfortunately, there is no workaround available.

Q: Will devices return to the same device group and retain their device name upon re-enrollment?
A: Yes, provided you have enabled the setting “Re-enroll Apple devices into previous groups.”

Q: Do I have to physically recall devices from students?
A: Not necessarily, although it may be advisable. Technically, you can leave the devices with students and allow them to re-enroll without recalling. If you choose this method, consider the following steps:

  1. Notify students that a reset command will be sent to their device. They will need to reconnect to Wi-Fi after the restart and wait for several minutes while the device configures itself. This process may take longer if there are many apps to reinstall.
  2. Also let students know that the reset process will erase all app data, including saved photos. They should back up any necessary data prior to the reset.
  3. Review your DEP settings and ensure that all (or most) of the Setup Assistant options are disabled (unchecked) to avoid unnecessary setup prompts for students.
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