Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Transitioning from Clever to Securly Sync

General Information

Q1: What is Securly Sync?
A1: Securly Sync is our new SIS integration platform designed to streamline and enhance the way your school or district's systems integrate with Securly’s suite of products. It simplifies data management and enhances data consistency and security across your applications.

Q2: Why is Securly discontinuing the direct integration with Clever?
A2: We are discontinuing the direct integration with Clever to provide a more robust, secure, and streamlined data integration process through Securly Sync. This change will improve the functionality and security of our data integrations.

Timeline and Deadlines

Q3: What is the deadline for transitioning to Securly Sync?
A3: The deadline for transitioning to Securly Sync is July 31st. After this date, Clever will no longer be a viable integration method for syncing data with Securly products.

Q4: Will there be any interruption in service during the transition?
A4: If the transition to Securly Sync is completed before the July 31st deadline, there should be no interruption in service. We recommend starting the transition process early to avoid any potential issues.

Impact on Services

Q5: Will Clever SSO be affected by this change?
A5: No, Clever SSO (Single Sign-On) services will continue without interruption. The upcoming changes will only affect direct rostering integrations with Clever.

Q6: What will happen if we do not transition by the deadline?
A6: If you do not transition by the July 31st deadline, your current integration with Clever will no longer work, which could result in disruptions to your data syncing with Securly products.

Transition Process

Q7: How do we start the transition to Securly Sync?
A7: You can start the transition process by contacting your IT team and scheduling a Discovery call with a Solutions Engineer using the link provided in our communications. Our implementation team will guide you through the setup process.

Technical Details

Q8: What preparations should our IT team make for the transition?
A8: Your IT team should review the integration requirements for Securly Sync, ensure they have access to the necessary SIS data, and be prepared to collaborate with our implementation team during the transition period.

Q9: Will Securly Sync support all the functionalities we currently have with Clever?
A9: Yes, Securly Sync is designed to support and enhance all the functionalities you currently have with Clever, providing a more seamless and secure data integration process.

Support and Assistance

Q10: Who do we contact for support during the transition?
A10: For support during the transition, you can contact our implementation team at We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth transition.

Q11 How will we stay informed about the transition process?
A11: We will send regular updates and provide resources to help you through the transition. Please keep an eye on your inbox and our website for the latest information.

We hope this FAQ document helps clarify the transition process and addresses any concerns you may have. Thank you for your cooperation and continued partnership with Securly.

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