What’s New in Classroom 9.5.1 - May 2024

Site Lock to Collection when starting class

The option to start class with a Site Lock to a collection was removed in the previous Classroom release, as its functionality was replicated in the form of “allow only” blocking plans. However, we’ve heard from users that there are situations where “Site Lock to Collection” is still useful, so we are adding this feature back in this release. You’ll once again find this setting in Class Settings as well as the Class Options panel before starting a class. Note that locking to a collection from the Site Lock button during class has remained available.

Class settings:

Class Start Options:

Student records now include Grade and School fields, Sync from OneRoster, and Classlink

Student records now include an optional field to record the grade(s) and school(s) for each student.  These fields will sync from OneRoster and Classlink if available.

Securly Sync is now available for Roster Sync

Securly Sync is a centralized rostering service that can connect to any SIS and supply data to other Securly products, eliminating the need for additional sync services or CSV file uploads for products like Securly Filter, Securly Home, and others. Securly Sync also provides a direct connection to PowerSchool and some other student information systems that do not support OneRoster endpoints.

In Classroom, Securly Sync will show up as a tab in the Roster Integrations sub-menu under the Settings menu.  It can be used in addition to other enabled sync types, such as Google Classroom. To start using Securly Sync, reach out to our Support Team, and they will be happy to assist you.

Bug fix for slow thumbnail refreshes

We identified an issue where student screen thumbnail refreshes would feel slow, sometimes with delays of 8 to 14 seconds between thumbnail updates on every fourth refresh, rather than the typical rate of about six seconds. This has been fixed, resulting in a more consistent and faster overall refresh rate.

Windows Agent Updates

Released new Windows agent This version includes compatibility fixes for Chrome/Edge 125.

Because of upcoming 9.5.1 server updates around Blocking Plans and Site Lock to Collection, this will be a required update. Older clients will no longer block sites correctly. If you have auto-update enabled, no action is required.

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