Manifest V3 (MV3) FAQs

What is the Manifest V3 (MV3) transition for Chrome extensions? Manifest V3 is the latest update to Chrome's extension framework, which introduces more stringent security, privacy, and performance standards. Securly is preparing to transition its extensions to comply with these new requirements.


Why do Securly users need to enable MV2 extensions for now? Securly is currently developing versions of its extensions that comply with MV3. Until these are fully tested and released, users need to enable the setting in Google Admin Console that allows MV2 extensions to ensure continued functionality of existing Securly extensions.


What happens if I don't enable MV2 extensions in the Google Admin Console? If the setting to allow MV2 extensions is not enabled, there might be disruptions in the functionality of current Securly extensions, as they are not yet compatible with MV3.


When will Securly release MV3-compliant extensions? Securly is actively working on updating its extensions to MV3. Release dates for these updates will be communicated as they become available. Securly aims to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to users.


How do I enable MV2 extensions in the Google Admin Console?

    • Log into the Google Admin Console (
    • Navigate to Devices > Chrome > Settings.
    • Select Organizational Units (Use either the root OU or specific OUs where Securly extensions are deployed)
    • Under Users & Browsers, go to the Apps & Extensions section.
    • Find the setting for Manifest V2 extension availability
    • Change to Enable manifest v2 extensions
    • Save your changes to ensure the setting is applied.

What are the benefits of migrating to MV3? MV3 provides enhanced security features, better performance, and reduced permissions scope, which ultimately benefits end users by safeguarding their data and improving the efficiency of extension operations.


What should I do to prepare for the transition to MV3-compliant Securly extensions? Stay informed about the latest updates from Securly regarding the transition. Prepare to update your extension settings in the Google Admin Console once the new MV3-compliant versions are released.


Will there be support available during the transition to MV3? Yes, Securly will provide support and guidance throughout the transition. Resources, documentation, and direct support will be available to assist with updating and configuring the new MV3-compliant extensions.


How can I receive updates about the MV3 transition? Ensure that you are subscribed to Securly’s communication channels, such as email newsletters and customer alerts. Regular updates will be provided through these channels as well as on the Securly website.


What should I do if I encounter issues with the current MV2 extensions during the transition period? Contact Securly’s support team for assistance. It’s important to report any issues promptly to ensure they can be addressed swiftly, minimizing any impact on service.

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