Maximizing Your Securly Experience: Group Configuration Reviews for Filter and Aware

Securly is excited to introduce our Group Configuration Review sessions, aimed at empowering educators and IT professionals with knowledge and skills for optimal use of our platform. Join us to explore best practices, resolve common challenges, and leverage Securly to its fullest potential.

Introduction: Securly's Group Configuration Review sessions are collaborative, interactive forums designed to enhance the Securly experience for educational institutions. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to dive into the platform's features, understand best practices, and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

Objectives: Our Group Configuration Reviews aim to:

  1. Deepen your understanding of Securly's capabilities.
  2. Guide you in standardizing best practices.
  3. Address common challenges in a proactive manner.
  4. Assist you in customizing Securly to fit your educational environment.

Session Details:

  • Structured agenda with flexibility for participant input.
  • Comprehensive coverage of Securly's features and updates.
  • Interactive discussions on case studies and recent tickets.
  • Guidance on using Securly resources effectively.

Target Audience: Ideal for educational administrators, IT professionals, new Securly implementers, and users managing platform changes.

Not Target Audience: Not suitable for addressing individual technical issues or infrequent platform users.

Registration Links:

Securly Filter -
Securly Aware -

Preparation Checklist:

  • Review the agenda and session objectives.
  • Complete any pre-session surveys provided.
  • Gather and submit any specific topics or questions in advance.
  • Check your current Securly setup against our pre-meeting checklist.

Pre-Meeting Requirement Checklist:

Post-Session Support:

  • Access to session recordings and materials.
  • Dedicated follow-up Q&A sessions.
  • Options for personalized one-on-one consultations.

Get ready to join us for a comprehensive, informative, and community-driven experience designed to support and elevate your Securly implementation.

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