How to deploy Securly to iPad using FileWave MDM?

You can choose to deploy the Securly solution to your iPads using any of the MDMs such as FileWave, TabPilot, Airwatch, etc. We support most of the popular MDM solutions. 

To deploy Securly using FileWave MDM you will need to undertake the following steps:

      1. Log in to your FileWave Admin and navigate to Filesets. 
        • If you are deploying on an iPad, select the "New Mobile Fileset".
        • If you are deploying on a Mac, select the "New desktop Fileset".

    1. Select "Profile" under iOS.

    2. Input a unique name such as "Securly iPad Filtering" in the "Name" field.

    3. In the left side menu, scroll down to "Global HTTP Proxy" and choose "Automatic" from the drop-down for "Proxy Type".

    4.  Input the PAC File URL provided by Securly in the ‘Proxy Server URL’ field.

    5. In the left side menu, scroll to. Certificate and upload the certificate attached at the end of this article.

    6. Navigate to and right-click the newly created profile. Select "Create Association".
    7. Select the device you want to scope this profile with.

Note that you can follow the same method to install the Securly SmartPac solution. Please contact the Securly support team for your SmartPac URL.


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