How to deploy Securly to iPad using FileWave MDM


Issue: Howto deploy Securly to your iPads with FileWave 

Environment: iPads


    1. After logging into FileWave Admin -> Goto Filesets -> Please click "new Mobile Fileset" for iPads or "new desktop fileset" for Macs

    2. Under iOS please select Profile

    3. From Here set the name

    4. Scroll down on the left hand side to "Global HTTP Proxy", change it from Manual to automatic and input the PAC URL given to you by your Sales Engineer - if you do not have one please email

    5. You Would then scroll down to "certificates" and upload the certificate provided to you by your Sales Engineer - if you do not have one please email

    6. You can now click "close" on the above window.

    7. Right click the newly created Profile and click "Create Association..."

    8. From here you can scope this profile to your designated devices.
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